Saturday, April 08, 2006

Look, Abby! I am working on it!

I have gotten my sweet son back from the grandparents and life in the Norman house is back to normal (read that as "kids are back to their normal bickering!") I think I may survive whatever the crud is that I have been suffering with all week. I have most of my voice back, but I am still coughing and it feels like a small child is sitting on my chest.

My mom was commenting that with all the quilting I got done this week, I still haven't finished my niece's quilt. She wanted to know why poor little quiltless Abby was at the bottom of my list! So today, I slapped some borders on, pieced the backing (ugh! Too many little pieces!) and got it on the machine. I have gotten two passes quilted, a nice big meander. I figure with the crazy fabrics and the YBR pattern no one will notice the quilting anyway. I am even using HOT PINK thread! I am hoping to talk my parents and sister into coming down for DS's birthday in a few weeks and I can give Abby the quilt in person! I talked to her today on the phone and told her I was sewing on something very pink and asked what she thought it might be. She squealed "My quilt!"

Did everyone see our very own Judy in the newest issued of AQS American Quilter magazine? Yeah, Judy!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Sharon said...

Somehow, this quilt looks bigger on the frame than it did in the pictures before...I really like the way the pinks blend then change and then sparkle back and forth. I know she's going to love it!

Petey said...

You are a wonderful aunt. It is amazing what you accomplish with so much to do. Love the blending of the colors, soft yet bold, and your words! Great!
What kind of quilting machine do you have?
Will love to see the finished photo.

Nines said...

well, is it done? Please show! I am chipping away at my quilts- but am pulling a "Sarah" and not getting any binding done! Love you and I sure would have loved it if you had gone with me to Chicago.

JudyL said...

If I was Abby, I'd love that quilt. Glad to hear you're going to survive! :)

Thanks for noticing my quilt in the magazine.