Monday, April 10, 2006

Can you say "Bronchitis"?

Yesterday, I finally got to feeling bad enough and coughing all the time, that I caved in and went to the doctor. I was trying to avoid it because we don't really have a regular doctor; we usually just go to the walk-in clinic. They hand out antibiotics like they are candy. Since I assumed it was just a virus, antibiotics wouldn't have helped. But when I got there, there was a new doctor! He did some blood work and ordered a chest x-ray, thinking I might have walking pneumonia. No pneumonia but I do have bronchitis. After picking up my $75 (with insurance) worth of drugs, I headed home to collapse on the couch. The cough syrup he gave me for night time really knocked me out. It's effects are still hanging around this morning! It is taking some real effort to move at all! I am feeling better though and am not coughing as much.

I sewed on some pineapples this morning. After finishing the 5 blocks I was working on, I discovered I already have 31 blocks made! That's enough for a nice lap sized quilt. Ian keeps asking me who this quilt is for and is not very accepting of the answer "I don't know!"

I think it is time to go read in bed for a while!


Sharon said...

Water, water, water is good to help stop the coughing from bronchitis. My doc says it's the best "cough" medicine for you! Glad you got taken care of!

And I just love this blue pineapple. Great job!

Nines said...

well, that's no fun. Hope you're feelin' up and at 'em again real soon.

Dawn said...

Oh Sarah - I get bronchitis so easy and it is not fun. But I can guarantee you, a few days on that stuff and you'll feel so much better. I LOVE that pineapple blossom. Tell Ian they are for me!

Finn said...

I think you need a "poor baby" or two...that cough has just hung on and hung on...glad you finally are getting some relief from it..*S*

The blue pineapple blocks are just beautiful. I've been thinking about starting one in greens..and trying HARD not to...LOL

Isobel said...

When I was young(er)and felt bad I would go to my mom, expecting sympathy, and she would always say 'poor, poor Isobel" After I married and moved away I would call her when I was ailing and tell her that I needed someone to 'poor me.'

Sounds like you need someome to 'poor' you so here goes..."Poor, Poor Sarah" There, now, do you feel better?

By the way, I love the quilt. If I spend enough time looking at the lovely things you and Nina produce, I may be inspired to get back to quilting.

ForestJane said...

Hope you feel better soon!

That lovely pineapple quilt should help. :)