Thursday, April 13, 2006

Binding, binding, binding!

The antibiotics may be kicking in, finally. I still have to keep on top of the decongestant and the cough medicine or I will have coughing fits, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Me and Ian ventured out to Walmart today and the trip wore me out.

Yesterday I managed to get the binding put on the 30's baby quilt. I hope to get the label on it by Sunday so I can deliver it and get paid! My printer was out of black ink so I couldn't print out the label. Today I bought a new ink cartridge and printed out labels for this quilt, the bright blue baby quilt, and the pink and brown baby quilt. Fit it all onto one sheet!

Today I started working on the next pink pineapple quilt I need to make. The little girl that it is for will be getting her new bedroom in July so I hope to have it done by then. I think I may actually run out of fabric on this one! I made the blocks an extra strip bigger (put one more round around the outside). So the blocks end up being 12.5 inches. I need to sit down and figure out how many blocks I will need for a full sized quilt.

Off to a girl scout volunteers meeting. UGH! Nina reminded me on the phone this afternoon that I volunteered for this "job"!


Laura said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! I am loving the pink and brown pineapple, how big will it be?

Laurie Ann said...

Oh my, that pink and brown pineapple is amazing! I have a pink and brown quilt on my "want to do" list and that may be the pattern I have to use. I love it!

ForestJane said...

I'm a girl scout too... in fact, that's where the 'forest' in my name comes from, I was their resident camp director for 6 summers, after my divorce. I'd teach school winters, and direct camp summers.

Love both the pink pineapple and the blue one. :) Pink and brown always reminds me of chocolate covered cherries. Yum.