Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What should I share today?

We have been house-bound for two days now. The A/C on our CRV is misbehaving and we want to take it to Tennessee this weekend - so it needed to be looked at. The mechanic ordered the wrong part Monday and didn't realize it until late yesterday afternoon. When I called today at lunch time, the correct part had just arrived and wasn't yet installed. He has got an hour and a half left before closing time - or I am not going to be a happy camper. But being stuck at home leaves us a lot of time to accomplish other things. I have been making the kids help me clean up the hot spots around the living room and kitchen. I sort through the pile and hand them stuff to be put away. Each spot only takes a couple of minutes - so they don't feel like we have spent the day cleaning! This morning I was quilting a secret project and between rows I made myself come clean off one section of kitchen counter. Now the quilt is quilted AND I have a clean kitchen. I need to go trim it and get the binding put on. Even the label is already made and ready to go on!

This project was actually finished in December 2010, I think. These are the spiderweb blocks that my mother and I made together last summer. I love how it turned out. My mom also pieced the piano key outer border. Thanks to Bonnie for yet another great pattern! I have already bought some bright yellow Kona to make another version of this with bigger blocks.

Off to do the binding!


Elaine Adair said...
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Elaine Adair said...

(Oh great - I left a comment with 6 words and mispelled 2! LOL )

Anyway, that blue spider web is cool!!!

From a former Knoxville, TN resident.