Monday, June 13, 2011

Alabama summer

We have had 17 days in a row of temperatures over 90 degrees and two of those days we hit 100! Not exactly the kind of weather I like to be outside in. Good excuse to stay inside and read, nap or maybe even sew. I have been working on several different secret projects - so I have no pictures of things I am working on - but if course I have several completed things to show you.

Yesterday Madeleine and I attended a baby shower for a girl we go to church with. He husband is currently stationed in Afghanistan and will get to come home in a few weeks for the baby's birth. They also have another baby girl that just turned a year old and her name is Madeline. My Madeleine help me to piece baby Charlotte's quilt and then we decided that big sister Madeline deserved a quilt too! It was so fun working on these projects with Maddie. I am so excited that she is getting into quilting. This is her 3rd & 4th projects in the past 2 months!

Here is Maddie's first quilt. She pieced this in about a week and a half! She made this quilt for a friend of ours who is getting ready to be deployed to Iraq. When my dad saw this picture, he said "No wonder Maddie was so motivated to do this project!" David is adorable - but he is also such a nice guy. He was debating whether he was going to take the quilt with him to Iraq or leave it at home with his mom and dad.

One last thing - Happy birthday to my dearest Nines!

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