Saturday, June 11, 2011

Knock, knock, knock....

Is this thing on? Somehow I have lost the past five months. I can't believe it is mid-June already. My birthday is Friday - which means Nina's birthday is this week too! Nines - I really wish we could have our annual birthday date.

On to the important things - like quilts. When last we talked, I mentioned working on another Christmas quilt. It is finished and I love it! My friend with the expensive computer guided Gammill machine was kind enough to quilt it for me. We enjoyed a fun day of sewing while the Gammill did its' thing.

I ended up having to piece the trees differently than suggested in the pattern. For some unknown reason, they had you piecing the tree with a seam down the middle of the block - so that the diagonal sides of the tree are loose and three dimensional. I pieced one block according to the directions and knew that there would be no way to quilt this on the long arm with those sides flopping around. So I had to improvise! My way saved a lot of fabric and made it quiltable. I LOVE the fabrics in this quilt. This is the first quilt that I had to buy the fabrics that were used in the pattern. I loved them all right away. They are Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey.

I finished piecing the top over spring break - at which point my mom and sister both wanted to steal it. Nice try, ladies - but it is mine! Maybe I will let them sit under it if they come to Alabama in the winter.

I hope I haven't lost both of my faithful readers during my long silence. Speak up and let me hear you! What wonderful project as you working on right now?


Leah S said...

Still here, project: move to another state. :P

Angie said...

Hi Sarah...I knew you'd come back eventually...I just finished binding two quilts, gave one away today as a graduation gift and the other is going to hang on my office wall. I'm glad to see you posting again!

Nines said...

This quilt looks JUST LIKE you! I don't think I have ever seen you make a quilt that personifies you better.

Sarah Jane is getting married on July 1st. We'll be in Tennessee, so we'll be missing it. No, I don't think I want to make a return trip to TN- nice as your Mom's place is. Hope you can come and see me, though. I'll be lonely on my birthday- you are the only one who ever makes a big deal out of it! Must be spolied. Love you and hope to see you VERY soon!