Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick update!

Tuesday -

There were no sub positions today so I have had another day to get the twins' quilts done. I finished quilting the first quilt yesterday morning and then got the second one loaded on the machine yesterday afternoon. I got it about half quilted last night and finished it up this morning. While waiting for some cupcakes to bake (for tonight's soccer party), I got the edges trimmed. The fabric she sent for the bindings turned out to be extra wide - made for a backing. Really cuts down on how many strips I had to cut and piece together! The binding for the first quilt is all pieced and ironed and draped over the quilting machine. I am avoiding it. My least favorite task is always putting on the binding. Just ask Nines - I usually try to avoid it like the plague.

The lady I quilted these two quilts for is coming to town tomorrow night and graduation is on Thursday night. I really want to get these done and give them to her tomorrow night at church.

So which one of my lovely blogging friends wants to come help me?

Where did everybody go?


Andrea said...

I wish I could quilt my quilts that fast! Takes me forever with my little machine!

JudyL said...

I'd gladly come help you if I wasn't just a tad too far away! Easy for me to say since I'm all the way in MO, huh?

Think how happy you'll be to have them done though.

atet said...

I'd come and help, but well, it's an awful long drive from my little cornfield outside of Chicago. Pop in a dvd and go to town with the binding!