Friday, March 16, 2007

What's new with you?

Where has this week gone? Here it is Friday already. My kids have the day off from school for a teacher work day. We are taking it easy. DD spent the night at a friend's house and will be home in a little while.

I ordered some new quilting thread last week. Donita Reeve's Love to Quilt store is no longer going to carry Aurifil thread so they have been having an amazing sale on their remaining stock. They are down to just a very few colors. The red spool is a little more orangey than I would have liked but I am sure it will get used!

These 4 heart blocks are part of a UFO that a friend wants me to finish for her (for pay). It was supposed to be a 12 block baby quilt. Ginger and one of her friends were going to learn how to quilt together. Anyway, her friend started to make Ginger this baby quilt about 4 years ago and never got it finished. The hearts all need to appliqued down. I told her I could add some sashing and a good sized border and make it into a lap sized quilt. She loved the idea. I am going to machine applique the hearts.

My parents were supposed to come visit us a couple of weeks ago but my dad threw out his back and they had to stay home. My mom went ahead and mailed Maddie's birthday gifts. My sister sent along this little present for me! There was no candy in the tin - just fabric! My middle name is Reeser - my great grandma's maiden name and my grandfather's middle name. So Reese's peanut butter cups have always been a favorite. They are DH and DS's favorite candy. Abby, my four and a half year old niece, helped my sister pick out the fabrics. Abby seems to have inherited Nina's amazing sense of color!


Sweet P said...

What a nifty present to receive, certainly a lot less calories than a tin filled with Reese's Cups. Although a little chocolate can go a long way.

mereth said...

Hmm, tried the peanut butter cups when Keryn and I were in America, but they must be an acquired taste.But I like the tin, and the fact that it was full of fabric is even better.

Su Bee said...

How cool is that? And terrific colors too -- you have a great family!

YankeeQuilter said...

One bit of Reese's cup then a sip of hot coffee - heaven. But since that is totally against doctor's orders the fabric is a great substitute!

Good luck with finishing the heart quilt.

Nines said...

Hey kiddo! Love the orange and pink fab! And Reese's are my favorite, too. I love their Big Cup- more is MORE!!! Love ya!

Sonja said...

Ha! I have the bottom/center fabric with the big flowers on it.

Tazzie said...

Ohhh, I love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, makes me want to come back to the US even more ... Ohhh I love them soooooo. I had no idea you could get them in a tin!

Hedgehog said...

Love the tin! Just brought back a bright orange tea tin from England. I think I used a few of those fabrics in a baby quilt last summer, too!