Monday, March 05, 2007

San Antonio, anyone?

Does anyone out there in blogland have any suggestions for must-see things in San Antonio Texas? It looks like I will be able to go with DH in May when he attends an AIA conference there. We will be staying in the Riverwalk Marriott and probably will not have a car. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Harriett said...

Having no car down by the riverwalk is no problem. There's plenty of things to do within walking distance of your hotel. Of course, the Alamo, lots of little shops along the Riverwalk. You will have fun! It's a beautiful town.

Laura said...

I loved my visit to Plain janes Folk Art. It used to be in a group of artist type shops along the Riverwalk but I believe it has moved since then. Enjoy your visit!

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

I'm originally from San Antonio and was just back there in January for an urgent family matter! Anyway, staying on the Riverwalk will be marvelous - there's a small on the Riverwalk and lots and lots of quaint shops and restaurants. There is a quilt shop near the downtown area but unfortuantely not within walking distance - it's called Las Colchas. Other such stores are quite a distance away. If you have any question feel free to ask me, Sarah!

Laurie said...

The Marriott is a SUPER location to the Riverwalk. My DH and I spent my 40th bday there 6 years ago. We walked everywhere and it was GREAT! If you are into Jazz music, check out Landry's. The food was "ok", not super, but the jazz was PHENOMENAL!!! Also, we did a river cruise that gave some history for the RW. Lots of great shops and restaurants...I actually lost weight on that trip cuz we walked EVERYWHERE!!! If you haven't been to New Orleans, take in Pat O'Brien's...the flaming fountain and hurricanes are great! Of course, the alamo! Have fun! We were there for a 4 day weekend and it was perfect! It's just a quick and cheap cab ride from the airport to your hotel!

Quiltbirdie said...

I agree that you need to visit Las Colchas, a great and wonderful quilt shop near downtown. And no, it's not exactly in walking distance from your hotel, although it wouldn't be hard to get there by bus - and our VIA Metropolitan Transit system is the best in Texas, I must say.

There's tons to see downtown and around the riverwalk. But we also have an incredible zoo and some great museums. Right now, the San Antonio Museum of Art is hosting an exhibition of quilts from the Shelburne Museum. The exhibition closes in April, however.

If you like to see wonderful old Victorian houses take a tour of the
King William District just south of downtown.