Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Look, Girls! We are famous!

I got a ipod for Valentines day and have just discovered podcasts. Today I downloaded a quilting podcast from Annie Smith's Quilting Stash series called "Best of 2006" to listen to. As I am sewing along, listening to her lists of the best things from 2006, suddenly she says that one of her picks for best quilting blogs is "The Quilt Mavericks" blog ring. Imagine my surprise to hear that we are popular and a little famous!

So if you are looking for something to listen to while you are quilting, you can look on itunes for all kinds of cool podcasts.


Carolyn said...

That's so exciting...we're famous! I'm so glad that I decided to go through the ring today...I couldn't figure out why you hadn't posted in forever, but it turns out that somehow your blog fell off of my bloglines list and you are still here! It was great to catch up on what you're doing...I love the flying geese quilt!

Carol E. said...

Sarah, that is cool! I still feel like I don't measure up to the rest of you Mavs, but I enjoy the affiliation with the famous and talented bunch of you.