Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Wonky Saturday

Today I spent the morning running all the errands that I had planned on running yesterday...before Maddie got sick. It is only a virus, not strep, but she is still running a fever today and has had a headache all day long. She has spent the day on the couch - a true couch potato! This morning I left the house around 8 a.m. . Here is my list of accomplishments:
  • new tires on my truck (before our trip to Washington D.C.!)
  • returned books on tape to library
  • did banking at 2 different banks
  • oil change
  • bought fabric for borders of 30's baby quilt
  • Walmart (oh, the joy!)
  • went to the mall to buy Teacher Appreciation gifts
  • home again, home again, jiggedy jig

After lunch, me and DD took a nap. I know she doesn't feel good when she willingly takes a nap. This is the girl who is never, ever still. Nina can attest to this. Even when she was a baby, she was in constant motion. When she would be nursing, her feet would still be going wild!

I woke up to find a phone message from Nines!! So I called her back and sat down to sew while I talked to her. I was making a list of quilting deadlines the other day, when it hit me that the end of school is only two months away and I have made no progress on the wonky house wallhanging for Maddie's teacher. Oops! So that is the project I pulled out while talking to Nina. I got five houses made - it is a start!

Well, I have tried about ten times now to upload two pictures of the wonky houses, but Blogger is being difficult. I will try again later.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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cher said...

oh my...that was a busy morning of errand running- no wonder you needed a nap! nothing like listing deadlines and realizing it's all going to go faster than you thought!