Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More of the wonky houses

DD was home from school again today. No fever since Sunday but since she still sounded like she was coughing up a lung, I thought one more day would be a good idea. The coughing has greatly diminished today, so I think I will send her back to school tomorrow.

Not much was accomplished today other than getting the wonky house top put together. Now depending on your point of view, that may be a VERY productive day, but I don't think my husband is going to think so when he gets home in a little while! Maybe I can get the mess picked up a little bit before he gets here! Here is the sick girl pointing her house.

I gave up on the idea of getting each kid's name embroidered onto their houses. I ended up writing their names on with a pigma pen. Not quite as classy but a whole lot quicker and less stressful!


Nines said...

Very sweet. I'm sure her teacher will love it. I am so glad that Maddie is feelin' better. Love ya!

Lucy said...

your houses are so sweet!! And I understand how you feel just before your husband arrived home. I am also always in a hurry to clean up. and I know he won't say anything about the mess. it is just a woman's feeling hè :c)

Sandra said...

The quilt turned out great! A lovely idea to write family names on each one :-)

Finn said...

Hi Sarah..I've been here, honest!

You've posted a ton since I tried to respond to your new glass jars, and blogger decided I wasn't worth and I just disappeared.

Love the houses of the weekend, great colors, and your quilt for your niece looks wonderful. You did a great job on the letters.

You've gotten so much accomplished in less than a week....I'm stunned to speechless...well, almost..*G*

Darcie said...

Phwew! You've been busy...even with nursing a little sweetie back to health!

Your wonky houses look terrific, Sarah! What a fun quilt. And little Maddie is a doll, even with a bad, bad cough behind that sweet smile.

Love Abby's quilt. I think you've got the right idea with placing the lettered blocks in full view. Great job!

Dawn said...

Very cute wonky houses!