Friday, March 17, 2006

Remember me?

Hello, my name is Sarah and I love to quilt! I am sorry I haven't had much to say lately, but after today's LONG post, you may wish I would return to my previous silence! Here are the treasures from my trip to Nashville last weekend.

This yellow fabric is going to be a baby quilt for my SIL and BIL. This is their first baby and they aren't planning on finding out the sex. The yellow has a tiny little ivy pattern on it and the WOW I bought to go with it also has an ivy pattern on it.
Nina, are you shocked at my color choices? It all started with the polka dot fabric. Saw it and fell in love. Bought all they had - thankfully it was only about 2.5 yards! The colored squares will be four patches. My sister says this is just perfect for the receiving couple. Fits their personalities to a T. Nina - they are naming the baby Evelyn Faye, after their moms. They will call her Evie! I told them that's a great name! My sister wanted to know how she could help with this quilt, other than financially. We told her to learn to sew! My mom is going to piece this one and I will quilt it. Can't wait to see it all put together!
Is anyone else out there addicted to pretty glass jars? These were found at Hobby Lobby and have an old fashioned feel to me. Finn - notice all my empty spools?
This is the backing fabric for my niece's TOO PINK quilt! Think she will like it?
This is a road sign, somewhere between Birmingham and Athens Alabama. We pass it every trip to and from Nashville. It always makes me think of Nina's daughter, Eva. And that makes me think of Nina. And that makes me miss the whole huge bunch of them!
These are the blocks for the baby quilt I have been commissioned to make. I took them to church Wednesday night to show the lady who hired me. Thankfully she loved them!
This is the backing fabric for the same baby quilt. Little cherries.

DD is home sick from school....again. The one good thing is that now I have an excuse not to spend the day running all over town, doing the errands that need to be done. Now I can stay home and quilt! Yeah!!! made it to the end! Do you wish I had stayed in bed? Hope you all have a quilty day!


JudyL said...

Enjoyed your post about a bunch of things! :) I love the polka dot fabric and I think the yellow with the vine is great for a boy or girl baby!

Judy L.

Nines said...

Naw, glad you made it out of bed! I have missed you!! So so sorry I didn't get to call you back last night! That was Jennifer just dropping by, and then we had plans to take the kids to the movies, so it was pretty late when we got home. then Jennifer said she would stop by in the morning on her way out of town... and stayed until noon. Then I had to grocery shop because I had promised to make dinner for 20 young people.... And I just sat down with the girls to watch Cinderella...Love you and here's hoping you can help me clean my MIL's room, tomorrow!

Leah S said...

Oh no, I'm very glad you're back! I always enjoy your new postings and nope, they're never long enough. ;)

Tonya R said...

Whew I'm exhausted just reading about everything you got accomplished. Love the pink hearts backing fabric.

cher said...

I think all the fabric you chose looks perfect for the projects you are going to be using them in.