Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hello, 2011!

So sorry that I have disappeared for three months. I have been sewing some - but mostly I got caught up in subbing, PTA things, and the usual Christmas craziness. But now it is January and things should slow down, right? Ha!

My main reason for posting today is to share a brief moment of fame! Apparently I am not going to get my whole 15 minutes of fame at one time - but little bits are fine with me. If you read many quilt blogs, you probably have come across Blue Nickel Studios. Scott is one of those mythical creatures we have all heard about - a male quilter! His blog is a great read - go check it out! Anyway - if you read the previous post, you will have already seen the quilt I made following one of Scott's patterns. Today he featured my quilt and another quilt made by another blog reader.

Thanks again, Scott, for such a great pattern!

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