Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here! Two more days of school and several end of the year/season parties and then two and a half months of freedom. Maddie's 5th grade graduation was on Friday. Grams and Papa came down for the ceremony. Maddie earned a "President's Award for Academic Excellence" for straight A's. My smart girl. Next year is on to middle school. It will seem strange not having the kids at the same school - that won't happen again until Maddie is a senior in high school.

On to quilts - here is my (our) latest finish. Over a year ago, I talked Mom into making these blocks with me. We were each making two blocks and then we would exchange them and each end up with a lap size quilt. We decided about six months ago to combine them into one quilt. I finally got the blocks together and quilted. Me and mom were scheduled to give a short talk/show and tell at my local quilt guild in May- so I was rushing to get it done. I'll share pictures from our talk later. We both love how it turned out.

When Mom and Dad got here Wednesday night, Mom handed me this heavy trash bag and told me happy birthday. When I got inside, I found my grandmother's antique Singer sewing machine. This is the machine my mom learned to sew on. It was originally a treadle machine but was at some point electrified. I looked up the serial number - are you ready?? 1892! Wow! The bottom case need to be replaced and I haven't checked to see if it even runs - but I am thrilled to own it!

And the week's other big score - a Singer sewing table and machine. The machine runs and dates to 1930. What I really wanted was the table. It is in excellent condition. $60 at the thrift store!! I felt like Nina, finding one of her excellent finds! Now to figure out where to put it!

This weekend I need to put the binding on a lap quilt for Ian's teacher. The party is on Monday. I will post a picture as soon as it is done.

Here's to more quilting time this summer!


Peni said...

stellar quilt....great finds...make for very happy campers, I suppose...;)

Joyce said...

Maybe you should put the old singer in the cabinet and change it back to a treadle...

Nicole said...

Your quilt is GORGEOUS!!!! Now, weren't all those half square triangles worth it?
That sewing machine is wonderful. They sure did do some pretty embellishments back then.