Saturday, May 01, 2010

May??? How???

How did it get to be May already? In 9 more days, my baby boy will be 9. I have decided to stop feeding him in hopes that he will stop growing!

This quilt (above) started life as a baby quilt, but turned out to be too big. So I tried a second time and ended up with these quilts. So this one has been hanging out for about six months with no purpose. Every spring the kids' school has a spring festival and silent auction. I decided to quilt this up and donate it to the auction. The school's art teacher ended up winning it! She was excited and I was happy someone I knew won it. Next year, if I do another , I will do a Auburn themed quilt - simply because Auburn stuff always does well.

This week I am hoping to quilt a top that I have made for Ian's teacher. Only three more weeks of school so I had better get moving! It is another one of Bonnie's wonky house quilts, like I made for Maddie's first grade teacher. I cut the pieces out and then let each child pick out their own houses. I labeled each house with the child's name. The top is ready to go and the back is ready to be pieced. I will show it when it is finished.

I also need to work on the top me and mom are making together, shown below. We each made half of the blocks. I need to add a couple of borders (one skinny and one wider) and then get it quilted. It needs to be done by the 20th when Mom and I are supposed to give a presentation at our local quilt guild. The talk is supposed to be about quilts we have made together - but we are starting to realize that we haven't really made that many together. I have quilted a lot of her quilts for her and we have made several quilts from the same pattern (sometimes at the same time). We have also done a couple of quilts where I have pieced the top and she has hand quilted it for me. It is going to end up being more of just a show and tell.

Nina has inspired me - again! Go check out the quilt she is working on! I drew it up in EQ6 and plan on working on it as a leader/ender project. It should be a great stash buster. I am hoping to make it in colors similar to Nina's.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Desi said...

I love your baby quilts you did too! I want to use that and make some myself but of course do not want to be all thiefie lol per se etc ) SO I hope you do not mind if I borrow that beauty of an idea! I also like the one that came out too big. I love love stars :D

Nines said...

Love them all- especially the one your mom and you made. Love you more!

Peni said...

I think one piecing and one quilting is definitely doing it together! (Because that always works well for me :)