Saturday, February 07, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle, Bigger Stars !

At some point this week, I came to my senses and decided that I did not want to make 48 of those tiny little 4 inch stars. Sure - it would have been a stunning quilt, but I may have ended up crossed-eyed in the end! So I decided to go bigger! Much quicker! These larger stars will finish off at 8 inches.

Now comes the decision of the alternate blocks.

CHOICE #1 : This first example is like it is shown in the magazine - diagonal lines in one direction only.

CHOICE #2: Diagonal lines in both directions - in one color.

CHOICE #3 : Diagonal lines in both directions - in two different colors.

So what do you think? Which alternate blocks should I use?


Leah S said...

Sarah, I'm favoring choice #2. I think it's the green that drew me in. :) #1 would be my second choice.

jacquie said...

i like it a lot in one direction...the stars stand out more. i wonder what it would look like with all the colors instead of in a single color? just a thought.

Lindah said...

#1 is soft and gentle
#2 pops
#3 makes me smile

Shasta said...

All three quilts are beautiful. You can't go wrong whatever you decide. I have seen 2 and 3 layouts before, so I really like the uniqueness of 1 the best.

Michelle said...

I think I like number 1.

Peni said...

I'm likin' #1, too - a bit unexpected, maybe. [and my word verif. is "anglie" - funny]