Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"That looks like a Sarah qult"

I sent my mom an email showing her this quilt and the first words out of her mouth were "that looks like a typical Sarah quilt." I am sure Nina will agree. Why, you might ask. Because it is blue and yellow - one of my all time favorite color combinations. I needed something quick and Bonnie's Strip Twist pattern fit the bill. I started piecing it yesterday around 1 pm and today at 2 pm the blocks are completed - with a LOT of non-sewing time thrown in there. This top is a very generous baby quilt - more like a toddler size. It is three blocks by three blocks.

Thanks to Bonnie for another great stash-busting pattern. This top was pieced entirely from the stash. The backing will be stash too. Doesn't that feel great? Oh, by the way - I get to meet Bonnie next month when she comes to Auburn to give a lecture and do a workshop! Even though I am not a member of the local guild, they had extra spots so I will be able to attend! Yay!

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Shasta said...

You've got great taste - pretty colors and a great pattern. It looks great.