Saturday, September 29, 2007

A good day!

First of all - before I forget! - I have updated the previous post to include some pictures of my purchases.

Today I got to sew!!! Yay! For about an hour! I got the rest of the nine patches put together and got the alternate blocks pieced. Now to get the rows sewn together. Time for your opinions please. Is this quilt boyish enough? Several of the fabrics have flowers but I don't think they are overly girly. What do you think?

I have been acquiring "ART" lately. This print came from Thea over at Colors on my mind . She of course has an Etsy shop . She had asked for suggestion on some of her jewelry and then gave everyone who made a suggestion a free print. I bought the great shadow box at Ikea.

My next piece of art came from Geninne. This is a print of one of her watercolors called "Neighbors". I thought houses were appropriate since I am married to an architect! Geninne also has an Etsy shop where she sells prints of her great artwork!

This is the fabric for the girly baby quilt for my neighbor. The colors are a little off. The fabric on the left is a soft sagey green and the purple isn't really that bright. I showed April the fabrics and she loves them!

These three fabrics just jumped into my arms when I was picking out the fabrics for April's quilt. They screamed "Buy Me!" How could I say no?

I guess I should feed my children and get them bathed so I can send them to bed! Plus I need to go watch the Gators beat Auburn! Go, go Gators!


atet said...

It's not too girly at all. In fact, it's absolutely fantastic.

Love the colors for your girly quilt and the fabrics that were screaming at you. Don't you hate it when they do that? :0)

Julia said...

It is not too girly, I would have put my baby boy in it!! I LOVE it!!!!! The pattern is so fun, if you don't mind, I think that I might make one. I understand totally about the fabrics yelling at you to "BUY ME", when I tell my hubby that, he justs laughs and says "Ya, right". They just don't have good enough hearing to hear the voices. LOL

Shelina said...

Sarah, quilt is beautiful. It is perfect for a boy or a girl. Flowers can be appreciated by boys as well as girls. I just found a pattern like this one in my to-make folder.
I have nominated you for the smile award.

Carol E. said...

That's a great boy quilt! Not too girly at all. And guess what, I am also married to an architect.

Lynn Dykstra said...

I love the blue you used in the quilt--it sets off those fabrics beautifully

Betty J in OKC said...

May I have permission to make a quilt like you've made for the little boy? Please let me know. Thanks.

O2bquiltn @ yahoo dot com

amandajean said...

I love your new fabric!

I have been on a self imposed (and supported very much by my husband) fabric buying ban. It's amazing how many quilts I have finished with fabric from my stash. It's almost embarassing, really. Especially when one of the quilts was queen size and not a piece of backing was purchased. hmmm. (and it all matched, too.) yeah, I still have a ways to it's fun to see what others can buy. :)

Kairle said...

How clever to put different colors in each color. I really like the look!