Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Pictures from my trip north

I took all these pictures a few days ago, but am just now sitting down to get it all together. Since Nina took time out of her busy packing schedule to show you her shopping finds from our time together, I thought I would share my finds too. I got this quilt at the same antique store that Nina got her grandmother's flower garden top. The quilt is twin size and I got it for $55. The back is pieced from several different fabrics - probably a slightly later date than the top.

I have been lusting after old library card file cabinets for several years. They are a very hot commodity. Since I haven't found any full sized ones that are available and that I can afford, I went for a smaller version. I have it sitting on top of my small book shelf in my sewing room.

This is Maddie's new bed. It is an old iron bedstead! I love it! I found it at an antique mall near my parent's house in Tennessee. Got it for $75! Yeah - that is my new "old" quilt on the bed - just so I can photograph it.

My mom has an iron bed that is very similar to this in her guest bedroom. It was my great grandmother's bed. Funny story about that bed. When I was a tiny baby, Mom and Dad took me to Mamie's house so she could meet me. Mom was changing my diaper on the bed and of course I took the opportunity to tinkle on the bed! My mom was so embarrassed. She went to Mamie and told her what had happened. She told my mom, "Don't worry - you did the same thing!"

This cute little jar came home with me from a antique mall in Muncie. I just loved the odd round shape and the handle. I filled it with buttons from my grandmother's button collection.
And saving the best for last! Here is the fabric that me and Nina dyed. We had so much fun!!! When Nina makes her millions from all her business endeavors, we are going to start our own fabric dyeing business and all the fabric colors will have food names. Like Pomegranate and Passion Fruit. Once again, I ended up with very few blues. Probably because I was trying to keep the anti-blue person happy! But we had fun anyway.

Well, it is time for bed! Today I finished up the Auburn baby quilt - just in time for the shower tomorrow! Just have to slap a label on it in the morning. I have got most of the blocks made for the brown/blue baby quilt. It is looking really good. I was hoping to have enough left over fabric to make me a wall hanging but I think it is going to take every scrap I have. More pictures to come!


atet said...

What great finds and those fabrics you dyed are simply amazing! What fun you must have had.

Karen said...

All of your photos/finds are wonderful; the dyed fabrics are so gorgeous, what fun you two have together.

Jane Weston said...

What beautiful fabrics. Isn't dyeing fun! I haven't done much lately, but your selection makes me want to dig out all my dyes!

YankeeQuilter said...

What a great new/old quilt! It looks wonderful on the iron bed.

Lynn Dykstra said...

the bed and quilt are wondeful together--I would have loved to have found them!

Sweet P said...

What wonderful treasure to find. I love the library card case and the hand dyed fabrics.

Mary said...

Wow, you found lots of fun stuff. I love the quilt, buttons, and card catalog. Did you run out of room bringing it all home?