Saturday, April 21, 2007

I really wanted too.....

I really wanted to quilt for a while today. I even got psyched up last night and bought the fabric I needed to work on Nina's birthday challenge quilt. I hope she likes red and lime green together! Just kidding. This year's challenge is a two color quilt. She chose this lovely deep red fabric with a delicate rose pattern. I got to pick the coordinating fabric. Does she trust me? Will she still love me when she sees this quilt?

Anyway, I was all set to quilt this afternoon and then the whole day got away from me. This morning was filled with Ian's soccer game (where he scored all but one of his team's goals - but they don't "keep score" - so everyone wins!) and then we went to the Vet school's open house. We saw some beautiful horses and lots of different breeds of cows. We even saw a sheep herding dog demonstration. The man directed the dog what to do by whistling - just his mouth - not a whistle. The sheep just looked bored and tired of the whole thing. Then I went and picked us up chinese for lunch. After lunch everyone was so crabby, I made us all take a nap while DH got some work done in the peace and quiet. After naps, we went looking for a new TV for the bedroom but ended up deciding to wait. By the time the kids came in from playing outside, it was time for baths, dinner, and bed.

How much sewing did I get done amongst all this? Exactly TWO four patches! Oh was a wonderful day anyway...beautiful 70 degree with the to watch a couple episodes of 24, season 2.

But that leaves me with a lot of quilt to get done in the next six weeks! Wonder how my birthday quilt is coming.

Anyone out there know of a cute line of chocolate brown and light blue fabrics? I need to make a baby quilt in those colors. Let me know!


atet said...

There's a new line from Marcus Bros. called Metro. I think there are two colorways -- but one is blue and chocolate. I'm including a link to Hancocks for it -- but I've seen some of these in person and they are actually much cuter.

Lynn Dykstra said...

I also had a day get away without planned sewing--but what a wonderful day to be outside!
The blue and chocolate brown colors sound wonderful.

Susan said...

Hey Sarah - I couldn't find your direct e-mail (your comment came through with "anonymous" as the replay e-mail) - I've got nothin' right now in choc. brown and baby blue. We do have some pieces of Metro Blue by Marcus left, but it really is more turquoise, plus it's kind of feminine.

I know what you're going for, and I could probably pull something toegher, but I don't have a FOCUS fabric in those colors right now.

Thanks for asking!


mommi said...

sounds like a wonderful day. I have had days where I wanted to sew so much, and we ended up doing other things....Good for you...I also love 24. Great show. I am trying to get the past seasons on netflix. I want to see the ones I missed...Anyway, come visit sometime..


Marisa said...

Think Amy Butler has some chocolates and blues floating around out there these days, but anyhow, have fun w/ the baby quilt. I'm about to start one myself.