Saturday, October 07, 2006

A binding Saturday

Can you tell what I did today? Last night I got the brown floral fabric cut for the binding on the pink pineapple quilt and got the strips sewn together today. Then I cut and sewed the binding for this quilt. This is the quilt I am going to give to my friends as a wedding gift. And then the pink strips are for an outer border on a baby quilt. The baby shower is October 29 so I have a couple of weeks to get it done.

Did you notice that bright yellowy cutting board? I finally bought myself a new one this past week. After 7 years of cutting on the same one, the lines were worn off and it had some pretty deep valleys cut into it. This one is cool because it has the grid on both sides - so when one side gets worn out you can flip it over and keep going! The back side is a real pale pink.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

P.S. - Where are the pics of everyone else's laundry rooms?


Leah S said...

Alas, I have no laundry room. :P

I wish you'd tell us how you made the straightest binding in the world... enough to get your quilt appraised at $995! :)

joyce said...

I imagine most people are like me. Nobody is gonna see my laundry room before I do some major cleaning in there! STay tuned. It is Thanksgiving this weekend for us so maybe next week when all the company has gone home and there are left-overs to eat I'll have time to clean.

Darcie said...

The whole while that your pic was loading on my screen, I was saying to myself "Is it? Could it be? Yes!!! What a cool mat!" Where, oh where did you get it, Sarah?!

And WHERE IS YOUR LAUNDRY ROOM? I tried blogging mine early this morning...and the blogger thingie wouldn't even respond. ??? I'll go there now and try again.

Dawn said...

Oh I love that quilt you made for the wedding! And no way do you want to see my messy laundry room!

Nines said...

cool mat! Might even inspire one to make binding, eh? Love ya and miss ya!