Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maddie's latest quilt

I finished up the binding on Maddie's quilt today.  It never takes as long as I am dreading that it will.  I've got the label printed up and am waiting for it to dry before I sew it on.  Maddie is looking forward to giving it to her friend tomorrow morning. 

The quilting always ends up being much denser than I imagined - but Maddie was thrilled with it - so I'm happy!

And here is the quilter herself.  I can't figure out why - but she hates having her picture taken.  Silly girl!

Looking forward to getting to do some of my own sewing next week!


sandra said...

Can you tell me the pattern for this quilt. I would like to make it.

sandra said...

Sorry, read some more posts on your blog and found the pattern!! Enjoying looking at your blog:)