Sunday, January 06, 2013

Drum Roll, please!

Sorry I left you all hanging yesterday - but my daughter seems to have contracted the plague.  It came on very suddenly yesterday around lunch time and she spent the rest of the day leaning against me, moaning "I don't feel good!"   She sounds even worse today and her fever is up a little bit.

Anyway - the lovely random number generator picked number 9 - which means Anne Bebbington of the UK wins!  Anne's tip is:  
Here in the UK very few quilters are lucky enough to have sufficient room in their house to have a long arm quilting machine so most machine quilting is done on the same domestic machine that they use to make the tops. With a large quilt the bulk of the quilt sandwich can often drag and pull the work from under the machine needle - positioning your ironing board beside you at the same level as your machine bed gives you an extra surface to support all that bulk and prevent dragging - I've just machine quilted a 90" square in this way and it's a real help.

Anne - if you will email or FB message me your mailing address and your choice of color, I will get some fabric in the mail to you this week.

Have you seen the latest sewing craze sweeping through the internet?  It is Bonnie's Scrappy Trip around the world!    Check some out here,  or here,  or here, or here!  I resisted as long as I could - but now I have fallen hard!  I have decided to make this a year long project.  I'm going through my fabric boxes pulling out the pieces that are too big for the scrap bin but too small to be very useful.  You need strips that are 2.5"x16".  I am cutting mine at about 16.5" to give myself a little safety net.   Besides pulling out the pieces for these blocks, I am pulling out any fabrics that would be appropriate for a QOV.   Making a little room in the fabric boxes is always a good thing!   Have you gotten in on this craze yet?

I am off to sew one more block before husband and son get home from church - hopefully bringing us some lunch.   The sick one is watching Dr. Who on my iPad and I can sneak away!



anne bebbington said...

Ooh lovely - what a treat - I will send you a private message on facebook - thank you :)

Nines said...

Yeah to Bebbs! Couldn't happen to a nicer girl! I have been interested in that pattern of Bonnie's for a while... but I've used up almost all of my strips on other projects. Well, there'll always be more where that came from. love ya!