Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 UFO List

Even though Judy, over at Patchwork Times, is changing the way she is doing things for 2013 - I am going to stick with the process we used in 2012.  It worked well for me!  I finished or made significant progress on 11 different projects - which included finishing 10 quilts!  The only unfinished project is the Soul Blossoms quilt - which will hopefully be finished in January. 

So to keep me motivated to keep working on these UFOs - here is my list for 2013.  

1.  Soul Blossom quilt - Bow tie in a circle

2.  Orphan blocks

3.  Whipstitch fabric baby quilt

4.  Jewel Box quilt

5Ryan Walsh Christmas zig-zag 

6.  Bonnie and Camille fabric

7.  Wild flying geese quilt

8.  Maddie's dress quilt 

9.  Hand-dyed fabric quilt top/ table runners

10.  QOV

11.  QOV

12.  QOV

So who will join me in getting rid of more UFOs in 2013?   May everyone have a wonderful New Year!



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Gramsy said...

You did a lot of quilts this year, and I don't think you even mentioned the ones you quilted for me! I finished several projects as well: made small nickel quilt for Gerry's birthday; finished 30s repro quilt (which you quilted); made 3 snowflake scarves; made a table topper for Kaitlin; made a table runner for myself, which I wound up giving to Diane; made a baby quilt for Lacey and one for Norah (you helped on those, too) and finished my string quilt, which you also quilted! We have been very productive! Oh, I also made and hand-quilted a baby quilt for Madison. The only thing I have as a UFO remains from last year: the Civil War quilt ... can we get busy on it now?