Friday, July 06, 2012

A Crafty Kind of Day

One nice thing about the nasty heat of summer is that it gives me an excuse to stay inside and sew.  Before moving on to July's UFO, I wanted to get the spiderweb blocks put together into one bigger piece - which would be harder for me to misplace!  This is the 10 blocks I made in June - and I need another 15 to finish the quilt top.

Yesterday we also managed to make several crafty projects that have been sitting here since Christmas. Sad, I know!  I made my sister a reusable calendar like this for Christmas.  I used a 16x20" frame and paint sample cards.  You put the paint sample cards under the plexi-glass and then you can write on the plexi with dry erase markers!  When I bought the frame for my sister's, I also bought two extra frames - one for me and one for Ian.   Mine is the yellow and green one.  Ian chose blues for his.  In case you can't read his handwriting - the middle week of July says "Maddie goes to camp - YES!!"   Ahh, the love of a little brother!

Maddie also decided she needed a reusable calendar.  Her frame is smaller - maybe 11x14".  She also chose to use the paint strips with multiple shades of the same color.  Thankfully she is crafty enough that she handled making her own.  I think she is a little excited about going to camp too!

This last project is the one I am most excited about!  I made my own portable ironing table.  Oh, Frannson inspired me with her great tutorial.  I was surprised to find that Target sells individual TV trays.  My owl home dec fabric is from Hobby Lobby.  The husband helped me with the staple gun part.  I started off using a hand held staple gun - but the staples were not going into the tv tray deep enough - so he hooked up the compressor-driven staple gun and helped me out!  I love how it turned out.  Now to find a little iron to use with it.  I'm not sure what to say about Ian's pose!  

What are you doing to escape the heat?  
all pictures should be clickable for a bigger view!


Jans said...

Oh I live in Holland and the summer here did not start yet.
Clouds and rain.
But... good quiltingweather!
I am working on a little quilt.
Doll quilt.
Greetings from Janny Schoneveld

Teri said...

I love that owl fabric. I wonder if HL still has it. I must stop and check soon.