Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday and I have made an executive decision that nothing I eat today has any calories.  So far I have enjoyed chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and steak and fried rice from the Japanese steak house.   Hmmm.... wondering what yumminess I can have for dinner!

I have finished up a couple of baby quilts this past week.   This first one was a comissioned quilt.  I had to cut back the number of quilts I was making for the new babies at church to one per family - otherwise I would have no time for my own quilting!  But this mama REALLY wanted a quilt - so the daddy hired me to make the quilt.  He bought the supplies and my part of the gift was making it.  She loved it!  Baby James should arrive tomorrow  - unless he decides to listen to my advice and come today! 

This next baby quilt is for another family at church.  This is for baby number 3 but they started worshiping with us after they had the first two.  I just love this color blue!  Quick and easy!

My June UFO for Judy's 2012 UFO Challenge is to work on my spiderweb quilt.  Last night I decided to get busy!  I was able to cut out enough yellow points for 16 blocks.  And then I realized I did not have a glue stick!  Lucky for me, I have a neighbor who is able to fulfill all my strange requests!  Can of black beans?  Sure!  Saltine crackers?  Check!  Swiffer duster?  Sure - a whole box in her car - to dust her car dash board.  Children's Tylenol?  Of course.  Glue stick?  Yes!  Can you tell that she is much more organized than I am?  I am still trying to figure out why she keeps me around!  Anyway - I was able to get some star points glued on and start sewing.  I started with 12 inch squares and cut them in half.  Bonnie's directions use a 8.5 inch square.  When Ian saw me working on this this afternoon, he asked who it was for.  I said "me!"  He asked that I not make it too big or too girly so we can use it on the couch.   He really liked that scraps from his quilts are in this block - can you see the soccer fabric and the Gator fabric?  And notice the rooster in the bottom left corner?  That is in honor of my mom!

I am setting a goal of making one star block a day - this should take maybe an hour.  Friday me and two quilting friends are celebrating my birthday with a pedicure, lunch, and an afternoon of sewing.  Maybe I can lure them into helping me!

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Valerie said...

Happy Birthday!!! (A few days late) :) I hope you enjoyed all of your calorie free treats! Your star block is GREAT.