Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you sitting down, Nina?

My aversion to ORANGE is well documented. Growing up with red hair made me avoid orange at all costs. Through the years, Nina has tried to get me to like orange, all to no avail. But then my sweet boy gets old enough to fall in love with football - the Florida Gators, to be exact. Yes, their colors are ORANGE and BLUE!

While digging through my sewing closet looking for something else, I found a bag with the leftovers from Nina's birthday quilt from 2006. After I pieced all the leftover pieces together I had a good sized baby quilt, but it is kind of loud for a baby quilt. So I decided to make it large enough for Ian to use. You would think that since we live in a town whose university colors are also orange and blue, I would have an easy time finding fabric. I went to Hobby Lobby first and they had one orange fabric. I am looking for fabrics that are reading as solid. Ian has requested "No Flowers!". After hitting the other two small sewing stores in town, I was able to come up with a hand full of fabrics. So far I have added the rows of flying geese around the outside. Since Ian is growing like a weed, I want to add one more round of something around the quilt. Any suggestions?

Nina should also be surprised that I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this one. See the strips of fabric I had to add to make it wide enough and long enough so the flying geese would fit correctly.

The picture should be clickable for a bigger view!

What are you up to?


Melinda said...

I love it - maybe not the colors but the design is wonderful. Actually the colors look great together and I think it would grow on me.

Nines said...

Giggle. Yes I am sitting down! I recognize those colors! I really love the improvisation look of this quilt! A simple checerboard border might work. Don't over think it and have fun- seems to be working so far! Love you sweetie!