Friday, May 08, 2009

Don't tell anyone....

but I have been sewing some the past few days! Nina actually showed me up by getting our last birthday challenge mailed off to my mom before me. The challenge was to make a table runner for each other's mom. Too bad it has only taken us only two years to get this done! Every time I would sit down to work on mine I would change my mind about what I wanted to do. It's done now and will be quilted next week and then into the mail.

This baby quilt has been awaiting borders for a month now. As you can see, I went with the green on the inside. I love how it turned out. I finally put the borders on tonight and it too will hopefully be quilted next week. The shower is on the 23rd.

I am waiting to hear about a last minute commissioned quilt. The lady wants a good sized lap quilt done in cream colors and using some sort of yellow-brick-road like pattern. We will see if my price quote scared her off!

Have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day if you are here in the States!

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