Monday, March 02, 2009

How did it get to be March?

First things first, today is my sweet Madeleine's 10th birthday. We celebrated on Saturday with a tea party. Lots of fun! All dressed up - eating petits fours,
chocolate covered strawberries, and sugar cookies and
drinking punch out of my tea cup collection.

Today I decided to reorganize my sewing room. It needs it badly. There is an empty white dresser in Ian's room that I decided to switch out with the little bookcase in my sewing room. Got that part done but now my table and the floor underneath are covered with stuff that needs a new home! I think my next job will be cleaning out the hall closet where my stash is hidden, err.... I mean, housed! I am hoping to find room for all of my quilting books in the closet - since they don't work so well in a dresser drawer! Anyone out there a professional organizer? Help!

This is my quilting thread collection.
I just love all the colors!

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Julie Isa said...

Happy Birthday Madeleine. I, too, tackled a portion of my sewing room last week. Now I've got to work on the rest! It feels good to sew in a clean room!?