Friday, October 31, 2008

Bonnie's Stars

This is the top that I started in Bonnie's workshop a couple of weeks ago. It didn't turn out quite as big as I was expecting so I think I will add a thin red border and then a wider blue border.

I have several other projects going on at the same time. My mom and I are making a quilt for the sister of a little boy who has terminal cancer. Here is the quilt we made for him. These kids are about the same ages as my two and it breaks my heart to think of what this family is going through.

I will leave you a picture of Indiana Jones who showed up at my house last night wanting lots of candy! Be careful, he's got a whip! Happy Halloween!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Love your stars! That is one of Bonnie's patterns I"ve always wanted to make but just never started! Yours is awesome!

Helen said...

Sarah, your quilt top looks great. I like your border idea. I just visited Bonnies blog. I like th emost recent quilt she has done with the blue centres. Very nice

Shasta said...

This is a beautiful quilt Sarah. I hope everything is going fine with you.

bingo~bonnie said...

oh Sarah, your blue and white Star Struck top is so striking!! I think your boarder plans sound perfect!

I won some of these blocks in a block loto before my tiwns were born.. and have yet to sew them together. I rememebr thinking there wren't enought to make a top as large as I wanted so I need ot revisit this UFO and make some more to spread about the blocks I have already. I love this pattern! ;)

Happy Christmas in case i don't make it back 'round before then ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie