Friday, July 13, 2007

Finishing up some UFO's

I have been in the mood to finish up some unfinished projects. Tonight I dragged out the box that had all my orphan blocks in it. Not as many as I had thought. Surprisingly (haha) most of the blocks contained blue and yellow! Right now this piece is about 50 inches square. I am going to put a wide border around it to make it into a lap size throw. I have got plenty more of the blue and white floral fabric that I used in the large vertical block in the center.

This is another UFO I finished this week. I had pieced nine patches out of the leftovers from the quilt I made for my sister for Christmas. I was bored with the nine patches so I cut them in half in both directions and came up with this. A little bit busy, no? But I still like it. It is about 35 inches square.

We are headed to Tennessee on Monday for another quick visit with my family before school starts back on August 9th. Where did the summer go?


atet said...

Love the cut up 9 patches! Then again, I don't think it's busy at all -- hmmn, could just be me though!

Julia said...

I love the cut-up nine patches too!!
You are starting school that early, when do you get out in the spring? I think we start somewhere around the last week of August.

Susan said...

The cut up 9-patches are too cool...and I sure do recognize that fabric! I'm so jealous that you guys are starting school so daughter is already counting and we have 7 weeks left. She'd start school tomorrow!

Doesn't knocking out UFOs make you feel so good?

Miriam said...

oooh, denise schmidt fabrics, right? love this one too.