Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A quilt for a charity auction.

This is a quilt that I pieced over a year ago. I made one at the same time in greens - same fabrics just in green! Anyway, the green quilt I finished right away and took with me to Florida to a lady's retreat me and Nines went to. They had a auction to raise money for scholarships to help out women who were not financially able to come to the retreat on their own. Nina also made a quilt for the auction - one of the star quilts like we made for our soldier friends.

The blue top sat there in the "waiting to be quilted pile" for a whole year until I finally got around to quilting it in July.

The kindergarten here in town has a "family fun night" as a fund raiser every year. They have a silent auction and ask for donations for the auction. This blue quilt will be my donation. I put the binding on it on Monday. Why do I dread bindings so much? It always goes much quicker than I expected!

This is the back of the quilt. This lovely toile came from a friend of mine, Christie, when she was cleaning out her garage! She has a garage full of crafty stuff. Speaking of Christie, today we are having a girl's day out for her birthday. We are driving down to Columbus Georgia (about an hour away) and go to Hobby Lobby, and a quilt store called Sew much fun, and having lunch. We might also hit Sam's and the party store if we have time.


Screen Door said...

Everyone is a winner when a quilt is donated... both the giver and the 'getter'. thanks for sharing.

Hedgehog said...

Very pretty - love the back, too! What size is the quilt?

Dawn said...

What a lovely quilt, and really great backing! They are going to be so happy to have that for the auction!

Darcie said...

You are able to find some quilting time!!! Good for it feels great!

They're all going to love this quilt!

Nines said...

Yeah! Looks great. Love ya! Glad you're getting some sew time in! I was begining to worry about you!

Sarah said...

Oh, how I love toile.